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Our Testimonials about Ourselves

With or without mere opinions and mass-attractivity, e.g. the OPTION I ZG-zeitgeist, we, Peter and Melissa testify to our commitment to fulfilling it:

We are committed to making the key for desirable relationships available for people who are ready to give meaning to their innate OPTION II towards life- through task-fulfillment. Instead of the wordiness of psycho-pathology followed up by personally-neutral humanistic psychology, which is now stuck in psycho-politics and spin, our relationship is based on the OPTION II of each of us expressed in relevant open-ended generative principles. Melissa's X-being is 4Oe, mine is 9Pp In essence:

I, Peter, 1944: "From wherever and with whoever I am, the modeling of substance such as that of nature and human systems, their innate laws, is improved through application in relevant human systems, even when it just is in my life!" Thus I prepare Processes with function F9-making the personally relevant#3 relationship truth available, as I did up to 1979 as a physicist in term of content-free#1 laws of nature in my profession, before I followed my X=9Pp's vocation of my being to work out Applied Personal Science APS©.

Melissa, 1980: "I always remember taking care of my body. It's my own introduction to myself - knowledge about the relevant relationship truth allows me to feel free" Thus letting her body organize her thinking, she establishes her Objectives and F4-manages their fulfillment in her h-living space. And that based on the scientific relationship truth about how to nourish her own and her clients' bodies with physically non-polluted, healthy and balanced nutrients. And this leads her to a fair, mentally motivating environment and relationships toward lifefulfilling self-determinedness.

With APS I can provide the relevant parameters for understanding our lifefulfilling relationships in a generally relevant structure. It explains why generally it is

  • not good to live alone,

  • how and based on what, partners may find each other,

  • and relate, get to really know each other, fall in love, and experience synergy,

  • and can become aware of their options.

  • The explain how all the good vibes fade away and all the courting and effort are wasted, if one partner does not give sufficient meaning to the parameters, and the other fails to make him or her understand how the relationship can then derail, and with what consequences...

  • To prevent that, it also points out what and how partners need to understand the relevant relationship truths; with which parameters, before it is too late

Here is what Melissa (lower line) and Peter (upper line) need to understand about their own self and the other. Nobody said relating to each other is easy, but understanding a mobile phone to taking full personally relevant use of it, is more complex - so what is the fuss about OPTION II? Find out and assess and enquire what your desirable relationship requires!

1) hX-Plant/Baby-Awareness of one's h-living space and what can be fulfilled in it with one's X-substance: For me that is using my §1-right to express my B5-life's fulfill-ment. For Melissa it is H4-relating to basics and B1-believing in its cause and action, say in eating and body care, which brings us to §2-the right to follow up one's purpose as already animals can do.

2) §1§2-Animal/10-year old qualification: Being serious about my hX I refer to the >1 very bad OPTION I influences on my h and qualify in eventually dealing with them with the >6 very good, my OPTION II, in a responsible way. Melissa follows the >6 in her h in order to use it to >4 appease the situation in it with her X-substance. So her challenge is to not end up creating a pre-trans-trap, e.g. suppressing what is uneasy (>1, >2 bad, >3 unsatisfactory) and only allowing what is >6 very good beyond OPTION I, even if her thus transcending the social trap might be seen as %1-socially incompatible by some people prepared to scarifying the possible >5 good in their relationship with her...

3) If the above hX-challenge is unmet by just one partner, both simply become part of the problem. It begins with shying away from the as yet never experienced possibility of synergy, avoiding the onset as a seeming risk out of fear, ignorance or arrogance. Then meaning of a sustainable relationship, and the chance of keeping it, is lost in favor of clinging to the usual  habits and the mob associated with it. Therefore here, we outline what nobody dares talking about under OPTION I, but everyone suffers from, beginning with Ma=applying manipulation power, cO=considering the relevant orientation for qualification with the basic relationship truth of aM / cO = STRESS < DEATH. Having failed in O-qualification, all I can do in any relationship is struggle with my h/§1 and y/§2, the unqualified >1 very bad y-necessity in my then >1 very bad h-living space. And Melissa is left >3 dissatisfied with §1-expressing something !-essential through which she could otherwise J-justify herself.

The point is such an effortless irresponsible approach of simply §1-expressing one's wished for §2-purpose is relying on the mainstream experience of others, OPTION I. Without one's own hX- and §1§2-qualification, left with mere §1-§2 opinions, more or less on the level of 10-year old kids, or substanceless intellectuals and politicians with their nihilistic, attention and power greedy philosophy, one has no future! Instead, one is left in the rat race of the intellectual pecking order in which I am as a 13-PeopleProphet on the lowest rank 12, and Melissa one above in rank 11 as a 11-PeopleWorker. Then Melissa is seeing herself at best as first among equals, as a "benevolent dictator". Under this intellectual-wordy OPTION I scenario, I am seen rightly as inferior, and Melissa as aimless. Such is how others who have defaulted are criticizing the way I c-profile my contribution and Melissa's for her lack of mass-attractive I-concepts. Thus under the OPTION I prejudice cult, everyone perceives everyone else as lacking on the §3-integrity essential mode, while all everyone else seem to be OK with themselves. Thus on the lowest rank, I myself become a potential scapegoat while all are tagged with a prejudice %6-projecting an OPTION I deficiency, children then treated by the social mafia's psychology, and at worst with nerve poison cocktails such as Ritalin and so on, some ending up in the drug or some crime/extremists' scenes, or become part of some other social risk up to suicide.

At best people then follow their desire for a complementary relationship outside the family and the group, clan ,society they were born into. With 24 I went to Israel, emotionally, best understood in the family model (not to be mixed up with gender spin) because the best of the Jewish culture is like me, a 2nd daughter (Cinderella - seeking the inner alternative). With 36 I went to Australia, both countries with cultural mentalities that let me develop another side of myself beyond the arena the Swiss society and mentality allowed me. Those who know Melissa know she is a worldwide traveler, in her words: "Moving not to escape life, but so that life does not escape her". Emotionally Melissa is like a hope giving first born prince who is looking for a kingdom to take over and a princess to fit him. At present of editing this page, she sails into Venice at the end of a cruise hosting a medical conference. Thus she has had to face and conquer many challenges / dragons and came to meet me in 2015 to start our project as did the prince in "Cinderella". Some people like Cinderella's step sister, ponder in their mind, that this all seems too romantic for an OPTION I §3-inferior lowest rank 13-PeopleProphet and are glad they thus have a good excuse to miss the point our project is all about - a M-maximal perspective for human relationships to allow L3-reframing this world, bottom-up. It takes sentient people to get it rather than displace me as crazy, our project as a not OK stumbling block for their OPTION I minds...

Beyond understanding each other sufficiently as metaphorically outlined above, only a common commitment allows individuals to build a sustainable mutually desirable relationship. Nature offers couples such a commitment through caring for their children after the initially exciting sexual relationship has started everything off. It is exciting to find out how two human being can fall in p-love, e.g. get committed to their substantial common purpose, as exemplified between me and Melissa.

We invite you to follow up our experience with our ELC on the next site in the navigation below leading to our commitment...


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It's all about personally-relevant relationship truths, relating to self, one's body, infra-structure, personal and cultural relationships, rather than just hypes and in-formation about content-free or personally-neutral  matters...