Academy for Think-Systems

Fit 4 this decisive 21st century requiring a fundamental redesign
of its thinks-systems, or at the abyss of the cultivated thinking catastrophes a step further, that is the question!

Dr. Peter Meier, Founder of Applied Personal Science APS©

The Zeitgeist wants the one-way thinking - towards ITSELF, and gets it by
all means possible, as an evolutionary, confusing manifold
of the
seemingly exclusive
OPTION I thinking catastrophe, merely for its own permanent self-destruction:
YOU do not act as if something is wrong with you to get somewhere in this world!

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Under Option I, people are inhibited about sharing their
innate purpose. However, God created each and everyone
of us all 
with a purpose, and has then outlined his purpose
for each of us,
 above all, in HIS order of nature and life,
and then, in the Bible and 
in our conscience, with the Holy Spirit...


In fact there is an appropriate Think-System for each of us for doing justice to our Life- through Task-Fulfillment and and an urge to get it understood. On an essential level this is not to the liking of the Zeitgeist; it is not with OPTION I his one! It is the personally relevant one out of 144 possible, in view of life's end, open-ended generative principle: 

The 10 Commandments don't work as such...

They are necessary but as mere words, not sufficient for a lifefulfilling society, as Jesus has preached and lived it, and history proves. So please join us in thinking straight about this key issue for this century; it will be definitely the last one under OPTION I; based on facts - the signs are on all walls for those who still have eyes to see and ears to hear. Weak spirits "feel", rather react as being threatened in their illusions in view of such facts, and turn away already here...

Please face OPTION I: If you can cover yourself with the fig leaf of mass-attractive dignity, you can take your neighbor's wife as did the otherwise God fearing King David. You can also worship idols like the seemingly wise King Solomon, or take the vineyard of your neighbor like King Ahab. You can, whoever is in the way of such sins, have killed by someone else in your service.

Face it on Facebook and wake up with YOUR OPTION II


The Old Testament basically shows that, and how punishment applies when someone violates the 10 Commandments, and not just for the perpetrator but also the people who let him or her get away with it, as in today's wars with its "collateral damages".

In short, according to John 14:12: "Very truly I tell you, whoever believes in me will do the works I have been doing, and they will do even greater things than these, because I am going to the Father...", it is upon us to make human dignity operational in LifeFulfilling Platforms. And that correspondingly to the misery of our time, beyond the churches, which are often only organized merely based on Christian Philosophy, thus still under OPTION I in fear of otherwise becoming a stumbling block in the world.

This world has "Rolling Stone" researchers and Ritalin for kids, but almost nobody dares to understand real people or even considers making the everywhere missing science#3 introduced here operational - still in fear of the cross - like Peter when the cock cried three times; 1) the schizophrenic masses, 2) the psychopaths, who stir people up, and 3) in its mass-psychosis with "crucify him!", the freaking maniacs, the trembling people, in fear of the otherwise open depressions and worse, in contrast to some people making use of their innate OPTION II:


How about those who do not want to recognize God and serve what is by nature not of God, simply idols, man-made physical and political power? After having been introduced to Option II to understand yourself with the such revealed inner capacity how to relate to God, having been told to be known by God and able to experience him, how can turn away from who you are in God's purposeful creation? Why do you want to go back to the weak and beggarly elements, misleading you again into bondage? Can't you now look back on your enslaved days, and months, and even years? I hope I don't have to worry that after having invested in teaching you Option II, you even more stubbornly insist on learning it the hard way despite what God and lifefulfilling people, above all Jesus Christ have done for you.

So please consider Option II: A sermon about 1. King 21 (Ahab against Naboth) in view of Galatians 4: 8-11, was all about, in a church minister's words, how God in Jesus Christ restores people's dignity in view of mighty perpetrators. Then I asked the minister how to make that dignity viable today. Unlike from the above Cambodians, I just got his evasive opinions and those of the bystanders about the seeming impossibility of understanding real people sufficiently. Actually this was indicating I should leave them alone behind their fig leaves projecting at least some "dignity" and wanting to be respected for just citing the Bible. Had I settled with that too, I would have lost my own dignity! And that is how and why they tell you to lose your self, and also give in to OPTION I so you are no longer a stumbling block to them and their meager OPTION I. Under it, ministers should not have to face their actual inner attitude to keep the dignity of their fig leaves among their flock. When Jesus faced the attitude with his, the scribes knew nothing better than to crucify him, and that finally provoked their end of temple. We live in an age of the end of manager and finance temples...

Let us rather build up a LifeFulfilling Team for PROJECT21!
This is your opportunity in this, qualitatively exclusive global network, to define your objectives, to reach your dreams, and achieve your goals; based on who YOU innately ARE, in God's created substance, not in his, or any other mere name anymore...


start enhancing Your interaction skill with YOUR OPTION II